Penetration (feat. Matt Watkins of Silence Shall Return & Niko Apostolakis of Until We Die)

by DelirivM (譫妄)

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Penetration to mind innards of a frail man which is weak due to his sickness and then, his illusions along with the worst fears becoming true.


Malitiae tuus hic incohat...

Sewn my mouth silently,
Blindfolded and exhausted
Unholy sounds consumes me
Till whispers fading in my head

The door to your innards are opened
While your stillborn penetrate out
Of your filthy womb,
Begging for anesthetic
Worship this borned foetus
This painful thing makes you SQUIRM!

Decapitated form appears through her vagina...

Where is your reality?
If it's all illusion?
Look into the abyss
And it will look to you

Afraid of posterity
Presumption of desperation
Prevailing insanity
Affection to this sickness


(Matt Watkins)
Close to the stage of dementia
Falling apart with shattered wounds
Something inside of me
Would changing my intussusception
Impalpable parts of the body
A sign of the parasite
It's time to do autopsy
Prepare your entrails

Did you see her?
What she's praying for
Nonexistent god?
Unbaptized blasphemous whore

Cursing me,
Stabbing to my soul
Take the scissors
And slit her throat

This curse is haunts me
While my dreams are turn into
This cruel reality
I'm still bleeding out...

Oozing from her throat
And continuously devouring

(Niko Apostolakis)
Drowning in
Swamp of flesh
Lack of the oxygen
Breeding in
Your insides
Feeding the parasite
Crawling in
Abdomen of servant
Rotting bane

Drowning in swamp of flesh
Lack of the oxygen
Breeding in your insides
Feeding the parasite


released June 1, 2017
Guest features by:
Matt Watkins (Silence Shall Return)
Niko Apostolakis (Until We Die/Left To Drown/Whxrecrusher)

Instrumental/mixing/mastering by Artyom Shirman (Spice Mutated Corpse/Smile A Velociraptor)
Artwork by DelirivM Design



all rights reserved


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