by VirusFeast

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released January 23, 2016

Baget - Vocals, Drums, Programming
Korshun - Back Vocals, Guitar


Artwork/logo by Fear & Sorrow



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Old Slavic Copro-Party (feat. VEDRO GOVNA, 50gore & Heir Feces)
We are VirusFeast
This is how we do
Eat vaginal shit
If you vomit from us

Legion of noise
Propaganda of violence
Extermination of good music
(Fuck your mom)

Suffer, destroy, beat, drag women for hair!

And that's the beginning
Dead bitches on the floor


(50 gore & Heir Feces)
Suffer, destroy, beat, drag women for their hair!
Track Name: The Decaying Tissues Of An Anal Brain
The decaying flesh now you see
Broken-off throat of bitch is on me
I hang up her on a big steep tree
On the strongest chains

The world of bacteria doesn't sleep
Penetrates our brains
Destroying our immunities
Closing all ways to recovery
Protozoa don't give a fuck about your importance in this world

The Black rots away on the street
50gore masturbates on decompositions
Thank you very much indeed
For observance of our old traditions
Thank you very much indeed
For observance of our old traditions
Thank you very much indeed
Thank you very much indeed
Track Name: Regional Iterative Diarrhea
I eat porridge from the atheist's skull
With the rectal fork (x2)
Drink juice from your stomach
Please, die, motherfucker
Track Name: Mario-Turtlefucker (feat. MC VAGINATOR)
I beat bricks with my big sick dick
Bad princesses like a copro
And they are ready to lick it
My decaying brain needs more chiptune
And I'll break a leg to you
If you tell something about my crew
I cut the infected meat a piece of an armor of that fucking turtle
So let's bathe in vomit after those mad mushrooms
We begin a copro-party in the Peach's Castle
Mass orgy!
Call my name, bitch
I'm turtlefucker
Track Name: Why I Was On The Street (feat. В.Ж.О.П.У.)
And now I'm a dirty tramp
In my heart is a hatred to this world
I promise that I will reach you
And grill your ass like in old times
Hallucinations show my critical nervous condition
Sectarian oaths slowly destroy my personal opinions
My teeth break up to thousands of small comets
And fall, as dandruff, on the asphalt
Intoxication hurts my eyes with the sunlight
Yesterday was obviously better
This is why I was on the street
Track Name: Blasphemous Inside Castration (feat. Гнилые Зубы)
I castrate your cat and castrate your mom
Because they doesn't love God
I thrust them a huge log in their anals
It's so easy

(Гнилые Зубы)
Blasphemous inside castration
Track Name: About A Schoolboy-Hellscreamer
This song
Is for mothafuckin' schoolboys
Who love hellscream
And Minecraft

Listening to AK-Forty Seven
Sucking dick and again and again
Dressed in Nikes and beating emo
Scream in micro like me, bitch
Track Name: Symphony From The Anal Abyss (feat. ANUS ZAPEKANUS)
There's a lot of songs
Why you chose this?
Fucking classic
I hate you
Track Name: Cooking Blacks In Spice (feat. Гегемония СПИДа & DxAxAx)
(Гегемония СПИДа & DxAxAx)
Cut, cook, fry, eat
Hate, kill, love, pain
Cook blacks in spice
Track Name: Craniopharyngioma
My body's cut up by nails
Nothing will hold you
Don't grieve over the damned
Pull out my eyes
I have no sense to wait
Finish me off... again
My fault and your rest
Your shout and my fear
The true doomsday
And the dying-away flame
Hope in a breast
You fucking beast
There's no way back
For our ways
Unmasking, exterminating, burning, killing
It's time to finish with each other
Kill me if you can